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Brockville Pipes and Drums

Brockville, Ontario

Monday, November 29, 2021

The Tunes We Play

Practice this week:


4/4 Sets & Tunes
Flett from Flotta
The Gardens of Skye
Scotland the Brave
Rowan Tree, The [S]
Auld Lang Syne
The American Set
You're A Grand Old Flag
Marines' Hymn, The
Caissons Go Rolling Along, The
America the Beautiful
Battle Hymn of the Republic, The
The Veterans' Set
It's a Long Way to Tipperary
Pack Up Your Troubles
Highland Cahtedral [S]

[S] - Seconds (harmonies) played
by selected pipers

2/4 Sets & Tunes
Liberton Boys' Polka, The
Brown Haired Maiden, The
High Road to Gairloch, The
Barren Rocks of Aden, The
Mairi's Wedding

3/4 Sets & Tunes
Green Hills of Tyrol, The [S]
When the Battle's O'er [S]
Castle Dangerous
Shoals of Herring
Kilworth Hills [S]

Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie, The (4/4 March)
Crags of Tumbledown Mountain, The (6/8 March)
The Concert Medley
Farewell to Camraw [S] (Slow Air)
Itchy Fingers (Reel)
Dark Island, The (6/8 Slow March)
At Long Last (4/4 March)
Banjo Breakdown, The (Jig)
6/8 Sets & Tunes
Farewell to the Creeks
Bonnie Dundee
Steamboat, The [S]
Wi' a Hundred Pipers
Atholl Highlanders, The

9/8 Sets & Tunes
Archie McKinley
Heights of Dargai, The

Slow Sets & Tunes
Morag of Dunvegan
Loch Ronoch [S]
Come by the Hills
Skye Boat Song, The [S]
La Boum [S]
Dawning of the Day, The
Amazing Grace [S]

Brockville Pipes & Drums Tune Book
November 2018 revision

Tunes From The Tune Book Archives
Some of us still play these tunes for special occasions.
Balmoral3/4 March Jimmy Findlater4/4 March Old Rustic Bridge, The4/4 March
Blue Bells of Scotland4/4 March Leaving Blockhouse Island4/4 March Orange and BlueStrathspey
Cabar Feidh4/4 March Lochanside3/4 March Pipe Major J.K. Cairns3/4 March
Cockney Jocks4/4 March Loudon's Bonnie Woods and BraesStrathspey Road to the Isles, The2/4 March
Corriechoillie's Welcome
to the Northern Meeting
2/4 March Maple Leaf Forever, The4/4 March Robin Adair4/4 March
Massacre of Glencoe, The6/8 Slow March Teribus2/4 March
Cullen Bay5/4 March Meeting of the Waters, The4/4 March We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'4/4 March
Gathering, TheGaelic Air Minstrel Boy, The4/4 March Wearin' o' the Green, The4/4 March
Glendaruel Highlanders, The6/8 March Mull of Kintyre6/8 Slow Air When the Pipers Play4/4 Slow Air
Going HomeSlow Air Murdo's Wedding4/4 March Will Ye No Come Back Again?4/4 March
Heroes of Kohima, The6/8 Slow March My Land3/4 March Wooden Heart4/4 March
O Canada4/4 March